Hawk Rent a Car Thessaloniki

Required documents

1)       Driving license

2)       Identity Card or Passport

At vehicle pick-up, the leaser will be receiving the Rental Contract, which must be checked and signed. The Rental Contract will be including all services/ insurance provided, as well as any additional services / insurances the leaser has ordered at a charge.

It is very important that, at pick-up, the leaser checks the vehicle and reports any already existing damage, in order to avoid charges or damages caused by previous customers.

Driving License

In order to be able to rent a vehicle, the leaser must hold:

GreekEuropean (for EU countries) or International (for non-EU countries) driving license in force, issued at least one year before the start of rental.


The rental price includes:

Collision Damage Waiver, covering the rented vehicle with a certain amount of charge to the leaser, which varies according to the type of car.


Basic Insurance  ( cdw )

Insurance Package ( cdw ) 

Car Category



A-B – C

1000 €

500 €

D- E

1500 €

750 €

Case of accident and collision with other vehicles:

In cases where the Hawk Rent a Car driver- leaser is NOT liable for an accident (upon a decision of the Court of Justice), the driver- leaser has no liability for compensation, regardless of the damages caused to the vehicle.

In cases where the Hawk Rent a Car driver- leaser is liable for the accident, they are responsible for the external parts of the car up to the Non-Waivable Excess amount and entirely for the other damages (glass, tires, mechanical parts, interior and underside of the car).

In the case a Hawk Rent a Car vehicle has an accident without collision with other vehicles, e.g. going off road, inverting, hitting a fixed obstacle (tree or wall etc.), the driver- leaser, covered with CDW insurance, shall be responsible for the external damages of the vehicle up to the Non-Waivable Excess amount agreed, but also for the damages to the underside of the car, damage to tires, glasses, interior and mechanical parts.

In the event of an accident, if established by the Traffic Police that the leaser -driver is (by Law) in a state of drunkenness or does not hold a driving license, the leaser-driver shall NOT be covered by any insurance and shall be entirely responsible for all damages caused to a car ­ (external and internal) but also for those caused to anything/ anybody involved in the accident.

In all the above cases, recording of the incident by the traffic police is necessary. 

Credit Card / Payment Methods

At pick-up of the vehicle from our offices and/or stations, pre-authorization of the driver’s/ leaser’s credit card (Visa, Mastercard) is necessary, as a guarantee for the rental of the car.


Car Category


A-B- C

500 €

D – E

750 €

* If you do not hold a credit card, please contact us at 2314-015800 to get specific information from our staff. 


You can pay for your ordered services by cash, credit and / or debit card.

Age of Drivers

If you are under 23 or over 70 years old, please contact our company –on the phone or via mail – to get specific information on the applicable rental criteria and conditions.

Out of Stores-Stations Delivery

The service is available upon agreement with Hawk Rent a Car Reservation department. To locate our stores and pick-up / delivery stations, please refer to “Car Reservation” table.

Charges per Pick-up and Delivery location

  • Deliveries or returns are made at no extra charge at MACEDONIA Airport of Thessaloniki (Monday to Sunday, 08:00-20:30)

  • At a charge of € 0.35/km for out-of-city services (at your location) and 0.45€ /km for the cities of Chalkidiki (at your location) + VAT

  • Pick-Up/ Delivery during the night, beyond working hours, on Sundays and/ or bank holidays are charged with 10 € + VAT.


In order for a booking to be finalized, the established amount of the down payment will have to be paid.

Minimum lease time is 1 (one) day, calculated on a 24-hour basis.

  • Time of return is equal to the time of delivery at the departure date. The rent is prepaid.


All bookings are subject to availability. If we are unable to provide you with the car you chose at booking, we will provide you with a car of the same or higher category.


Hawk Rent a Car’s vehicles are not allowed to pass outside the Greek territory or be transported by ship without the written consent of the Pickup Store.


The leaser bears responsibility for the key of the vehicle and key loss is not covered by the insurance we provide. In this case, the leaser will have to pay € 80 for car categories A, B, C and € 100 for D-E categories.


The quantity of fuel is indicated at pick-up of the vehicle and it must be equivalent to the quantity on the date of return. Lower quantity at return will generate charges proportional to the fuel consumed and to the category of the car.


It is noted that in case the leaser is responsible for repairing and restoring damages, the leaser may opt for the workshop of their choice, the days of repair being calculated as a charge of the leaser.

Traffic Offenses

The leaser is responsible, after picking up the vehicle and until delivering it back to a of Hawk Rent A Car representative, for any fines, traffic offenses, illegal parking and administrative penalties, which the Leaser is required to pay and deliver a certified copy of the repayment proof or receipt. In any other case, our company will be charging the amount of the penalty/ offence, either after the offence has been declared to our company at the time of delivery of the vehicle, or after a notification by the police or municipal authorities has been received at a later time. Charges related to traffic offences are not subject to time restrictions.

Modification of your Booking / Information

You may change your booking up to 20 days before collecting your rented vehicle, by contacting us at 2314015800. If the above deadline has passed or in case of no-show, the amount paid as down payment will be withheld.

Modifying your booking results in new calculation of costs, according to vehicle availability, pricing as in force at that time, return station etc.

The rental price includes:

1) Unlimited number of kilometers

2) All Taxes, including VAT

3) Airport charges

4) Mixed insurance (CDW) with participation.




 5 € / Day

Skid Chains

 3 € / Day

Baby Seat / Baby Coat / Booster

3 € / Day

nd Driver

 3 € / Day



Insurance  (windows- windscreen)

2 € / Day

Insurance  (mirrors, lights)

2 € / Day

Insurance  (tires, hubcaps)

2 € / Day

24/7 Roadside Assistance

3 € / Day

Insurance (Car Theft)

2 € / Day

Insurance Package including all the above – Discount

8 € / Day